In order to avoid damage, installing the floor should be one of the last things you do. As with counter tops, there are many options for flooring and many of the same issues surrounding weight apply. Hardwood, ceramic tile or stone are way too heavy, but laminate flooring provides a nice, lighter weight option.  Laminate flooring is quite durable and the appearance of some types can be difficult to differentiate from hardwood. Before starting the laminate floor, I’d suggest putting a layer of cork foam or some other underlay.  This has a small added insulation value, serves as an acoustic barrier and makes the floor a little softer.  It is easy to cut with a utility knife and you can just lay it in place without any fastening.

2014 11 26_052014 11 26_07

Before installing the actual laminate, let it acclimate to the Airstream for a day or so, it really does contract and expand with temperature.  Leave about 3/16 of an inch around any walls or obstacles to allow for the expansion.  This flooring just clicks into place and should not be fastened to the sub floor either. It can be a bit stubborn to get the perfect fit, but just keep wiggling the boards together.  If you are really struggling, take a flat head screwdriver and run it in between the seams where the boards click together, there may be a small obstruction that you hadn’t noticed.  Any small bit of spray foam, wood splinters or other debris will cause problems getting the floor to come together. The curved ends require a little more cutting.  A jigsaw works well on the laminate.

2014 11 30_09

The photos below show the floor being finished from end to end.

2014 12 08_01  2014 12 05_02  2014 12 08_02

2015 01 04_03


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