Fully custom Airstream luxury trailer for sale soon

After much consideration, we have decided to sell the Airstream and undertake another project:)  We will officially be putting the Airstream (with all the specs and details) on the market in late winter or early spring of 2017.

I thought I’d put this post up now, with plenty of time before the 2017 camping season begins to see about generating some interest early.  Please feel free to make any enquiries via email and browse through the blog where you will see all the work we did to it over the course of several years.

One thing not detailed in the blog – We had custom axels made by Colin Hyde out of New York to fit this trailer and handle excessive amounts of weight, but have not installed them yet as the trailer has not travelled more than 100km in total since we live in it full time as a tiny house.  The axels will be included with the sale.  Also, the wood stove has been removed.  It was unnecessary and required too much space so now there is room for a small addition of your choice.

Note:  The photos below were taken before the project was finished.  The Airstream is now equipped with curtains and a few other finishing touches.  New photos will be added when we officially put it up for sale.





9 thoughts on “Fully custom Airstream luxury trailer for sale soon

  1. Hi there! I found your site after reading an interview with you and tinywoodstove.com about your Navigator COD stove. I was really considering the COD for our 27″ airstream but am curious why it became unnecessary for you. Any updates on how the stove served you would be appreciated! I’m excited to see the airstream listing once you’re ready to sell.

    1. Hi:) Thanks for checking out our blog. The Little Cod was a great wood stove, however when living in a small space like an Airstream every inch has to be utilized. Our first winter in the Airstream we relied solely on the wood stove and a small electric heater which was quite difficult. We had to be up constantly at night to feed the fire and couldn’t keep the Airstream warm all day when at work so we resolved to add a secondary heat source the following winter. We added a Wave 8 catalytic heater by Olympian which far exceeded all expectations. It provided more heat than the wood stove, was easier and faster to use, was very economical on propane and took up hardly any space. It made a huge difference in how we lived in the winter, we were able to come home to a warm house and have consistent heat all night without getting up. The wood stove was only used a handful of times last winter and even then it was on for the ambiance. In the spring we decided that we could no longer justify the space that the wood stove and hearth took up so we removed it and sold it to someone who was going to put it in their cottage. Hope that helps, please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any other questions.

      1. Holy smokes! Thank you for the information. Your reply is causing me quite a mental debate. I was so set on a wood stove but possibly because I have never read about anyone using catalytic heater before. It almost sounds too good to be true. However, there is nothing I dislike more than leaving a toasty bed at night. Much less to venture out into the cold.

        Except…I have a bit of a fear of propane appliances so I’ll have to consider that. Just to clarify, with the Wave you could just set it and leave it on all night? And you felt comfortable leaving the heater on while you were away from the airstream? We will have a dual CO and propane alarm but did you also have an oxygen monitor?

        Last series of questions, where did you mount the heater and did you need any specific hardware to do so or regulate the pressure? We have all the inner skins out of our AS right now so we could presumably add a t-line to either the oven, fridge, or water heater lines without much fuss. And you found the wave was sufficient to heat your AS even in winter weather?

        Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am thrilled by this new option. In reading reviews of the wave, yours included, it seems people really love this heater!

  2. I was very surprised at the Wave heater, it surpassed all my expectations. I was also very hesitant about using a propane appliance, especially leaving it on while sleeping and away from home, however after doing extensive research and leaving a tiny opening in one of the roof vents, I have always felt very safe. I have a very good CO alarm, no oxygen monitor but I made sure the airflow was adequate. The heater is very simple to start, requires no electricity, you can feel the heat begin to spread within minutes. I leave it on all day every day while I am at work, most days for about 10-12 hours and its totally fine and I come home to a very comfortable temperature. Basically from Dec-March it is in operation 24/7. Just make sure you don’t leave anything directly in front of it or on it while its on. I also have a video and temp monitoring system that I can access remotely just to check on things if I’m at all concerned. The coldest I have endured in the Airstream was -45C and with the Wave 8 on high and a very small electrical heater in the bathroom, I was able to maintain about 18C inside, very comfortable.
    Nothing was required to mount it. You can buy a kit that mounts it into a cabinet or something but I bought the little support legs instead which lets me move it around if I want. I added it after everything was complete so rather than tap into the main propane line, I just added a secondary line directly to a tank outside. I like it that way a bit better because now I never have to dismount my main tanks in the cold, I can just take one step outside, unhook a regular propane tank and take it in to be filled. Also if it runs out after several days and its the middle of the night, you don’t have to fiddle with the main tanks, you just keep a second small tank nearby and it takes seconds to be up and running again. Just a regular bbq type regulator and hose is all that is required to make it work – 30 bucks at home depot. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. Do you have any photos of the finished bathroom & shower? I’ve been greatly enjoying reading about your renovation process, thank you for sharing!

  4. Thanks again for all your help and apologies for the delay in responding. We are definitely going with the Wave heater and have you to thank!

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